The Men’s Probus Club of Skegness founded 1974
Annual General Meeting 2019 Several presentations were made: Secretary Mike Adams receiving his ‘Thank you’ gift The outgoing President, Tom Hedges, handed over to      John Boreham President   John   Boreham   presented   retiring   treasurer, Michael   Clarke   with   a   plaque,   some   whiskey   and   a photograph   of   one   of   the   many   light-hearted   moments the club has enjoyed during his tenure.
John   Boreham   gave   a   brief   resume   of   his   2019   programme   and   thanked      all   involved   in   helping   to   put this together John   Coulson    gave   a   talk   about   his   experiences   with   DIY .   He   started   his   talk   by   outlining   his   career as   an   electrician   working   in   heavy   industry.   He   moved   to   Skegness   16   years   ago   from   the   East Midlands   area.   He   spoke   mainly   of   electrical   safety   in   the   home   e.g.   how   to   work   out   what   fuses   went with   what   appliances   and   why   the   wiring   used   in   3   pin   plugs   today   is   colour   specific   ( B R own   =   Bottom   Right ;   B L ue=   Bottom    Left )   -   earth    being   green   and   yellow .   He   brought   in   a   selection   of   well   used tools and showed some of the items he had constructed using them e.g. mobile garden ornaments.